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Wishing Bloody Mary A Happy Birthday


Happy Birthday Bloody Mary

Mutineer Magazine is all about celebrations – an excuse to drink, right? Well, how about a celebration for a drink, to drink a drink? The delicious, tomato-tasting fine beverage, known as a Bloody Mary, celebrated its 75th birthday in New York on December 1st. The drink was created by Fernand Petiot in the 1920’s in France, but didn’t give “birth” to it until the 1930’s at the New York’s St. Regis Hotel.

According to New York Post, TGI Friday’s at 1552 Broadway in New York City sold Bloody Marys at the 1933 prices – 99 cents. This means I have to do one of two things. Schedule a business trip to New York that just so happens to have me there on December 1st, or create a time machine that takes me back to 1933 so I can enjoy some delicious cocktails at only 99 cents.

Here’s to Bloody Mary! Drink up for this be-lated birthday!


  1. marcia | Thursday, December 4, 2008

    I didn’t know that…I have to admit, I do learn interesting things from your website and magazine.

  2. TJ McNastry | Thursday, December 4, 2008

    I avoided this drink for years. I never though that tomato, celary, and pepper should be involved in alcohol… it all seems just too… healthy. But, very recently I had one of these forced upon me and i have to say they are rather delicious. They remind me of a meal replacement shake for breakfast, you know, with alcohol.

  3. The Beer Wench | Thursday, December 4, 2008

    The Bloody Mary is my all-time favorite cocktail. EVER. And boy oh boy am I a BRAT about how I like em made! Thanks for the heads up! Time to celebrate!

  4. Voltron | Thursday, December 4, 2008

    If you go into a bathroom at night with no lights, the door closed, and repeat Bloody Mary in the mirror out loud 3 times….

    You’ll get over your hangover faster….

    I believe that’s how the urban legend goes….

  5. Brian | Thursday, December 4, 2008

    Beer Wench… how do you like yours made?

  6. Justin S | Thursday, December 4, 2008

    Celebrating a drink’s birthday with many drinks. Might as well become a mixologist and celebrate everyday w/ a drink. That is truely the “American Dream”. MANIFEST DESTINY!!!!

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