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Ultimate iPod Accessorization: iBreath

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Apples I-product line has been a huge hit around the world. iPods have become almost a staple product in any home. The great success of the Apple products has of course lead to the development of a myriad of
accessories and modifications. When you brainstorm some of these current accessories such as: earphones, speaker docks, car adapters, custom cases, etc… they all seem completely logical for the product. Here is one that I don’t think anybody saw coming!

iBreath. Manufacturers have finally developed an alcohol breathalyzer accessory for your iPod (or iPhone). I think this is a little off the wall, but rather interesting. Having a breathalyzer around is actually a great idea. If you think you may have had one too many to drinks and are questioning your ability to drive this allows you to really see where you stand… and if you can’t stand don’t worry you won’t have to reference the iBreath.

Also, other then being a great safety device to have around, the iBreath can become a great party favor. This is especially true of you out there that are attending institutions for “higher education”. I’m sure if you got a few people together you could come up with some pretty interesting games to play with the iBreath. The only downfall to this device is that it only has a range up to .100, which most people could top with more then three drinks in an hour.

If you think this is an accessory your iPod can no longer go without, you can find it at DavidSteele.com for about $70.00.


  1. Brian | Thursday, December 11, 2008

    At first, this psyched me out. Then I read it only goes up to .100 … I’ll leave out the whole back story, but the highest my blood alcohol concentration has been is .300. This thing is for amateurs!

  2. Laurel | Thursday, December 11, 2008

    Ha, amateurs maybe, but considering the intended point of the iBreath is to stop people from drinking and driving, not for entertainment’s sake, .100 is plenty.

  3. Brian | Thursday, December 11, 2008

    Very good point indeed.

    I need to buy a small portable one for my car, so I don’t have to resort to beer math, trying to figure out how many drinks I had over what amount of time.

  4. Laurel | Thursday, December 11, 2008

    then divided by how many In-N-Out burgers you just had and distance to travel. Too bad that wasn’t the kind of math I had to learn in High School.

  5. Brian | Thursday, December 11, 2008

    Never had In-N-Out :(

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