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New Year Count Down: 10, 9, 8

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Martini Glass
Blog Post Title: The Devil’s Share
Author: Doug B.
Date: June 8th, 2008
Why I Chose This: I am sure a majority of you are going to be at New Years Eve parties tonight, and it is inevitable that the well-known martini glass will have a presence. I, like many others dread having to carry a martini glass around, but it was designed the way it is for a reason, gotta respect the purpose of the design. Besides, “it is also believed by some that the martini glass gained popularity during the prohibition days. You see, if the police came into a “speakeasy” club, the contents of the glass could be emptied and widely dispersed with a single and deliberate wrist action.” That is just awesome. I suggest reading more about Doug’s thoughts on the martini glass and allow him to drop some martini glass knowledge on you.


Blog Post Title: The 5 Stages of Drunk
Author: Alan K.
Date: July 9th, 2008
Why I Chose This: Alan Kropf breaks down the different stages a person can reach based on how much alcohol they consume. I am shooting for “House Party Turned Trip to the ER – .3% and up” this New Years Eve night. See ya next year – in the ER. This is a must read blog before you go out tonight, then you can set a goal for yourself. But seriously, be careful tonight everyone.


The Infamous Carrie Nation or Personal Ad Pics I’d Never Click Ad
Title: Jesus + Hatchets = No More Alcohol
Author: Alan K.
Date: July 27th, 2008
Why I Chose This: This blog was so great it was published in the magazine. What is not to love about this blog? Crazy lady. Weapons. Destruction. It scares the hell out of me all while making me laugh. Alan says it best, “Call me crazy, but this lady sounds a lot more dangerous than any drunk I’ve seen. My theory is that she wanted to destroy alcohol so she could pave the way for her own vice, Meth.


  1. Chuck P. | Friday, January 2, 2009

    I loved the Devil’s Share, that old woman though just scares me.

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