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Karl Strauss Imperial Malt Ball Stout


Karl Strauss Imperial Malt Ball Stout

Photo from, karlstrauss.com

Working at a brewery would seem like a pretty rewarding job. If you, like many of us, have a strong love for the malty goodness that is beer, this would be a dream job. The Karl Strauss Brewing Company takes the dream job to another level.

Each winter one of the Karl Strauss brewers is selected to create the season’s holiday brew. This year the lucky Ian Young was given this wonderful opportunity to shine. So what was Ian’s grand scheme to create an epic holiday brew? Malt Balls.

Malt Balls

Take a classic Russian Imperial Stout, add chocolate and caramel malts to create a smoother flavor. Add a little rolled oat. A dash of Willamette and Chinook hops. Now the pièce de résistance… about 5,000 malt ball centers. This combination leaves you with the taste-tastic product dubbed Karl Strauss Imperial Malt Ball Stout. This full bodied stout with its smooth texture and chocolaty sweetness can be consumed at all of the Karl Strauss Brewery Restaurants as well as a number of select bars throughout Southern California through the month of December.

Karl Strauss Imperial Malt Ball Stout Official Press Release


  1. Brian | Monday, December 22, 2008

    this sounds awesome .. hopefully i can find it around here.

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