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Role Models: Minotaur

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Role Models Minotaur Truck

In the new movie Role Models, Seann “Stiffler” William Scott is Minotaur Man, the mascot of Minotaur energy drinks, and he goes to elementary schools with Paul Rudd’s character telling kids to drink Minotaur instead of doing drugs. Here are some of the best lines in the movie:

Seann William Scott: You know what’s great about this job?
Paul Rudd: You mean besides nothing?

Seann William Scott: We’re making the world a better place.
Paul Rudd: How?

Seann William Scott: You know, we’re giving kids the energy boost to stay off drugs.
Paul Rudd: We’re selling them nuclear horse piss for six-bucks a can, not really an accomplishment.

Seann William Scott: But feels good, doesn’t it? Plus, it’s easy to do it hungover. I could do this job forever.
Paul Rudd: If I had to do this job forever I’d put a bullet in my head.

Paul Rudd: I’m in a rut, going from school to school, selling poison to our nation’s youth.
Seann William Scott: It’s not poison, it has juice in it.

Seann William Scott: No! (trying to keep Rudd from doing something brash and stupid) You’re too jacked up on Minotaur. This is a mistake.

Role Models Stay Off Drugs

“So stay off drugs, drink Minotaur, and above all, TASTE THE BEAST!”


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