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Pincer “Herbal Infused” Vodka


Pincer Vodka

As the trend towards holistic lifestyle choices becomes more main stream, even purveyors of alcohol are jumping onboard. One example of this is Pincer Vodka from the UK. According to the website, it’s distilled with elderflower, known for centuries in folk medicine and milk thistle, which has been used for thousands of years for its protective and restorative qualities.

This infusion of herbs into the vodka is said to help ease or eliminate a hangover the next day. The vodka also takes on the flavor of the elderflower and if you have ever tasted elderflower syrup, such as St. Germain’s, then you know what a great addition it is to cocktails, especially those made with vodka.

Just released in the UK there are no details when it will be available in the United States. As we see the market for these products grow we are one step closer to attaining perfection, an alcoholic beverage with a no hangover guarantee.


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