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Pair It With Beer


BBQ Ribs

The craft beer scene is making more and more people aware of how well beer pairs with food. The range of flavors and versatility of beer allows it to pair so well with so many dishes, but most of the public has not had enough experience with these pairings to feel confident in doing so. I ran across this pairing chart on the Brewers Association website and thought it would be a good tool to help navigate this union.

Steamed Mussels

Here are three great parings with easy to find beers and great food:

Pad Thai – The signature dish of Thailand. I love a very spicy Pad Thai paired with AleSmith IPA to balance the spiciness with the hop of the beer.

BBQ – Growing up in the South, BBQ was a staple. This is a perfect pairing with a porter style beer such as Stone’s Smoked Porter to compliment the flavors of the BBQ.

Steamed mussels – A classic Belgian dish that is perfectly balanced with Unibroue Blanche de Chambly.


  1. Brian | Wednesday, November 12, 2008

    I’m partial to Sierra Nevada’s Pale Ale and a medium-rare steak and garlic mashed potatoes. Amazing.

    A good hefeweizen and sushi is definitely calling my name.

    Hmm .. and a strong dark ale like Maudite and .. venison.

    Thanks .. once again, your blog has made me insanely hungry and I have absolutely no food.

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