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No More Happy Hour?

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British Happy Hour Ban

After a hard day at work it is always a delight to go to your favorite watering hole and knock back a couple drinks with your buddies. Truthfully, I can’t wait to punch out and hit up the bar for happy hour. What’s not to love about happy hour? The drinks are cheap and who doesn’t love cheap drinks? I’ll tell you who doesn’t love cheap drinks. The BRITISH. Don’t take this the wrong way, we love our readers from across the pond, but I am gonna have to bash your legislators.

The British government has decided that in order to lower the number of alcohol related deaths, they are going to outlaw happy hour. Come on, banning happy hour is not going to stop anyone from drinking. It is only going to cost patrons more money to let loose after a trying day on the job. This is a perfect example of bureaucratic bullshit! Honestly, I would like to write more on this topic but it makes me angry. So here it is, what do you think about this situation? I would love to here your opinions on this one.


  1. Taster B | Monday, November 24, 2008

    I don’t see how they can enforce that. Pubs will find ways around it like calling it “Sullen Hour,” or charging regular prices for the first drink and then conveniently forgetting to charge for the next three…

  2. WineDiverGirl | Monday, November 24, 2008

    Yep, agreed. Another disappointing bureaucratic FAIL. The band-aid won’t cure the disease. Try again. And while you’re considering the solutions, BRING BACK HAPPY HOUR!

  3. Jeff | Monday, November 24, 2008

    I think they are heading down a dangerous path here… What’s next? Enforcing last call even earlier – midnight, 11 o’clock, who knows? Then before you know it – prohibition! Bye bye alcohol.

    All Mutineer Magazine will be writing about if that happens is fruit punch, Steve Heimoff and ice tea.

  4. Alan Kropf | Monday, November 24, 2008

    Recipe for Steve Heimoff Iced Tea:

    1 part freshly brewed Iced Tea
    1 part Louis 13 Cognac
    1 part unicorn tears
    Cost: $1000 per drink

    The trick to this drink to tell people that you will use these ingredients, but in reality, this will be a false statement. In this instance, I suggest taking an old Mountain Dew bottle, removing the label, and writing “unicorn tears” on it with a sharpie. For the Louis 13, being that the baccarat crystal bottles are worth more than Heimoff’s credibility, I would go ahead and get some bulk brandy and use another Mountain Dew bottle.

  5. Brian | Monday, November 24, 2008

    Half off and super cheap appetizers are one of the best parts, other than the alcohol obviously, of happy hour!

    They wanna reduce some unecessary deaths? How about banning football (our soccer), which win or lose always turns into an epic “There Will Be Blood” Daniel Day Lewis meets Jack Bauer, men on horses with tridents and half naked men in kilts with battle axes kind of street brawl.


  6. JJ Bagley | Monday, November 24, 2008

    Instead of banning Happy Hour they should just enact a law that doesn’t allow anyone to drive under the influence of alcohol. Oh, that’s right that already exists. This is ridiculous, people are going to generally do whatever they want regardless of the price. The government needs to find a better solution such as public transportation so you don’t have to drive.

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