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If you drink a lot of beer as I do, at the end of the week your hauling way to many bottles out to the trash. Hopefully you’re recycling these bottles, but in any case it may be in your interest to look at purchasing a kegerator.

Usually used in home applications a kegerator is a refrigerated unit designed to dispense and keep kegs of beer at the proper temperature. I found them at around $450 plus whatever beer you want.

You can pick up a good 5-gallon craft brew for about $90 or a full 15.5-gallon keg for $160. When you’re getting 165 12 oz. pours from a full keg, that’s only $1 per pour, not a bad investment.

Check out: kegerators.com


  1. Alan Kropf | Monday, November 17, 2008

    I’m still waiting on the sample Kegerator model for Mutineer HQ…

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