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Jurassic Beer


Fossil Fuels Brewing Co.

Tired of the same old brew? Fossil Fuels Brewing Co. has reached back to the Eocene Epoch, about 45 million years ago, to bring some of the most unique beer in the world to the market.

Dr. Raul Cano of Cal Poly and Lewis Lambert extracted yeast from the gut of a bee that had been trapped in amber for over 40 million years – Peter Hackett of Stumptown Brewery and Joe Kelley of Kelley Bros. Brewing began brewing beer from the ancient yeast. The yeast strain closely resembles yeast that is used in brewing today, but because it is so much further back on the evolutionary chart it changes the flavor characteristics and gives the brew a unique taste unlike any other beer.

As of now there are only two places to try this interesting brew, Kelly Bros. Brewing Co. and Stumptown Brewery. Both breweries are located in Northern California.


  1. Dan | Wednesday, November 12, 2008

    Very interesting and yet another beer to add to an already enormously large list of beers I wish to try.

    I’m bored at work and just wanted to let you know that I’m posting this on my BlackBerry. MM can’t be stopped!

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