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A Beverage That Battles Health Problems


Red Wine

It almost appears to be some sort of trend – scientists tracking down health benefits of drinking red wine. We get it already! Red wine is good for you! I’m just waiting for scientists to move onto a new beverage like, Red Bull – it could really use some benefits. At least that way, I can feel better about drinking one every morning. Anyways, if you are looking for an excuse to drink some red wine, I’ve made a list of three reasons of some potential or maybe definite reasons to drink red wine for its health benefits.

1. Your Heart: A Danish study reports that those who drink red wine had about half the chance of dying from a heart disease as opposed to those who didn’t drink red wine. It has been said that moderate amounts of any form of alcohol do have benefits for your heart, but red wine has something called polyphenols (an antioxidant) in it that can help protect the lining of blood vessels that are in your heart. Read more.

2. Alzheimer’s Disease: Science Daily reports, “David Teplow, a UCLA professor of neurology, and colleagues show how naturally occurring compounds in red wine called polyphenols block the formation of proteins that build the toxic plaques thought to destroy brain cells”. Keep in mind though, drinking too much red wine at any given moment might lead to serious destruction of brain cells, e.g. having four glasses of red wine and convincing yourself it is now a good idea to put Christmas lights at night time and in the rain. Gotta love the holidays!

3. Obesity and Diabetes: Resveratrol might help with with the negative effects of obesity. Dr. David Sinclair, Harvard Medical School, conducted a study in which he gave mice who were eating a high-fat content diet a red wine extract, resveratrol. This extract allowed the mice to live a relatively long and healthy life. The organs of the mice appeared to be in excellent shape considering the circumstances. However, resveratrol did not decrease the fat of the mice or lower the cholesterol. These tests are being performed on mice who have a normal diet to see if the health benefits could exist for non obese mice as well. Sirtris Pharmaceuticals Inc. of Cambridge, Mass., are also testing the possibility of using resveratrol on humans to treat diabetes. Unfortunately, in order to receive the same effects of the mouse, you would have to drink 100 bottles of wine a day – I’m 4 down, can I make it another 96?


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