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Worst Drunk Driving Public Service Announcement Ever

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If you saw our post about the Star Wars PSA, you know how powerful and awesome a PSA can be. This example, however, is the most un-powerful and un-awesome PSA ever created, with a shout out to the Louisiana Highway Safety Commission for using tax dollars to put it together.

What I took away from this video is that if you drink enough alcohol, you gain the Jedi ability of completely tuning out someone that is talking to you, in this case, the character’s significant other.

This lady is pretty crazy though…she goes from saying she had a great time to freaking out in 9 seconds. I mean, she’s been partying with this guy all night, and all of a sudden she realizes he’s wasted?

I have several hypothesis. The filmmakers blew the whole budget on the car wreck at the end, and had to “wing” the actual content. Or, it is possible that this PSA is addressing two issues: drunk driving, and drunk PSA production and acting.


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