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We’ll Be The Judge of That


JJ Bagley

We don’t rate beverages at Mutineer Magazine; however, we are happy to lend our palates to a festival by way of judging. That is precisely what myself and Beer Mutineer JJ Bagley did at the Yakima Fresh Hop Ale Festival.

Alan Kropf

I know that I’m technically the “wine guy” here at Mutineer Magazine, but I’ve developed quite the beer palate through tasting beer for the magazine, making me a double threat to the beverage industry, just like Bo Jackson!

The judging experience was a blast. We tasted a ton of the fresh hop ales, and got to chat with the other judges about the local scene, with conversations getting quite boisterous by the time we got to glass “M”.

The winners included:
1st: Laughing Dog Hop Dog
2nd: Snipes Mountain Microbrewery
3rd: Deschutes Brewery Hop Trip

Congrats to all of the winners as well as all of the entering breweries. There wasn’t a bad beer in the lot, and the whole tasting was a pleasure to be a part of.


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