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The Mutineers at the Yakima Fresh Hop Ale Festival


Yakima Fresh Hop Ale Festival

We’ve returned from the land of hops and apples with our livers and reputations intact, and for all practical purposes, that is a decisive victory in the world of the Mutineer.

Mutineer Magazine proudly sponsored the 6th Annual Yakima Fresh Hop Ale Festival this past weekend and I can say with confidence that the only thing more beautiful than the women of Yakima is the beer. These people know how to throw a killer party; we were very impressed.

So what is a “fresh hop ale”? It is an ale made using hopes that are fresh, or less than 48 hours old. What surprised me the most about these beers was the incredibly diverse range and intensity of fruit aromas with these beers. The fruit wasn’t something you tasted, but you sure could smell it.

Hefeweizens were available on tap for those not ready for the extreme hoppiness of the fresh hop ales, though this mutineer never strayed far from the liquid hops providing the namesake for this festival.

The night was rounded out with great music, food and people, making the Yakima Fresh Hop Ale Festival a definite destination in 2009.

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