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The Drunk Driving Situation in Los Angeles

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Alan in Audi

There is something about this town; it changes people. You straddle a line of being on top of the world, while being at your most vulnerable. The result is usually crazy actors driving while wasted – effectively their automobiles turn into 4-wheeled missiles seeking the unlucky.

This blows my mind, because these celebrities have the money and resources to enjoy taxi or limo service wherever they go. It begs the question of whether or not these celebrities are trying to get caught…

As for us common folk, Los Angeles doesn’t exactly make it easy to move about the city while under the influence. For instance, last night I made a pilgrimage from West Hollywood to the hot bar scene in Downtown Los Angeles, and knowing that I was in for night of ambitious drinking with beautiful women, I made the responsible choice of taking the subway, which cost me only $1.25. This was a great idea until I found out the subway stops running just after midnight, which makes no sense because the bars don’t do last call until 1:30am. So, at around 2am, you have the drunkest of the drunk stumbling out of bars to a public transportation system that has turned its back on the people it serves. Not only is this a concern to the drunk driver, but also to the thousands of billions of cars on Los Angeles freeways at any given second.

What did I do in my situation last night? I took a cab, which cost me a whopping $40, as opposed to the $1.25 on my arriving trip.

Another example of the concerning situation surrounding drunk driving in Los Angeles stems from the AMAZING American Wine and Food Festival, which was held last weekend at Universal Studios. This was the best food and wine event I’ve been to, and I definitely enjoyed some tasty drinks during the event. Being a responsible citizen, I took a taxi home and came back to get my car the next day. Now, given the “open bar” nature of the event and my eye witness accounts of a sea of wasted people, I assumed that many attendees would choose to take a taxi home, but when I returned to the Universal Studios parking lot that had been set aside for the event, the guard shack attendee told me with great concern that I was only the third person to come back for their car (this was now around 1pm the next day). Sure, some people probably taxied to and from the event, and others had designated drivers, but I am convinced that there were way to many people driving home intoxicated from this event.

It is the opinion of this writer (and most peoples’ common sense) that DUI’s are stupid, selfish, and mind-numbingly preventable.


  1. keef | Thursday, October 2, 2008

    This is the same situation we have in DC. 2am closing, Metro stops at midnight.

    Thankfully it runs until 3am on Friday and Saturday nights – but with it being illegal in DC to get behind the wheel after having only one drink (regardless of BAV) you have to wonder why the Metro doesn’t run later.

  2. Alan | Thursday, October 2, 2008

    Thanks for the comment. It is pretty amazing how little is put into public transportation when you consider the damages caused by people who feel like they must drive home while intoxicated.

  3. Dood | Friday, October 3, 2008

    We had a conversation about this at Tales of the Cocktail this year. More than just about any other metropolitan area I’ve ever seen, Southern California has drunk driving woven into it’s very fabric. “Everyone does it.” The lack of public transportation and the spread-out nature of geography lend themselves to creating a tradition of driving under the influence.

  4. randulo | Saturday, October 4, 2008

    I was astounded at the way people think nothing of driving when they know they have impaired judgment. (Wait, the judgment that they should drive is impaired.) Still, people will talk about it the next day.

    I know of one time in my life where I was actually drunk. Fortunately at 3AM, it caused no harm as I didn’t meet a car or pedestrian on the way home. But I have never since done such a thing.

  5. Alan | Saturday, October 4, 2008

    Thanks for the comments Dood and Randulo, being a hard journalist, I’m planning on penning a letter to the fine people over at the Los Angeles Metro to get to the bottom of this situation…stay tuned.

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