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Stating the Obvious: Champagne Linked to Seduction


Saile Sabga

In this modern era of information, is it news that there is a link between Champagne and the art of seduction? BrandRepublic reports that the Champagne house Saile and Sabga was ordered to stop using an advertisement by The Advertising Standards Authority due to the awesomeness of it. The ASA said, “WE considered that readers of the ad were likely to infer that her motive for doing so was seduction…We considered that the handling of Champagne in this way would be seen by readers as a metaphor for seduction.”

I’m no Don Draper, but isn’t sex and seduction the basis for almost all advertising in the United States? You can sell anything with sex: cars, clothes, jewelry, houses, perfume, and especially wine. I thought they were supposed to be more liberal with sex in the press in Europe, but considering that alcohol companies (including French wine) in France are being prohibited from advertising on the Internet, anything is possible.

That said, Mutineer Magazine can most certainly aid in your seduction adventures. Check out our new issue, with the article “Chivalry Isn’t Dead: How to Get the Girl in the Bar”. Play your cards right, and it will be you getting Champagne poured on your chest while cruising around on the ocean in a yacht.


  1. DJ Trotters | Friday, October 3, 2008

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