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Squirrel Eats Fermented Pumpkin, Gets Wasted

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There is nothing magical about the creation of alcohol. Fermentation can happen naturally, and in this case some old pumpkins fermented into some pumpkin brew for this squirrel to indulge in.


Not being used to intoxication, the squirrel simply wanted to climb his favorite tree and pass out. This proved more difficult than anticipated, which is probably a good thing because if the squirrel did make it up into the high branches of the tree, he probably would’ve fallen and died a tragic squirrel death.

This squirrel soon gave up on trying to climb the tree, and instead decided to chase some tail. He chased his own tail for awhile before finding a female squirrel in the bushes and made sweet squirrel love all afternoon, until he woke up sober and realized that his lady friend was anything but attractive…squirrel never touched the bottle, or pumpkin, ever again.


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