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Sipping Drinks on Virgin America

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Virgin America

First off, I apologize for the momentary lapse in blogs this week. We took the entire Mutineer Magazine staff up to Washington with us to attend the Yakima Fresh Hop Ale Festival, so things shut down in the Mutineer Magazine office.

Virgin America: Drink Menu

Today I want to write about Virgin America airlines, which is the greatest airline ever. The fares are cheap, the service is great, and they don’t charge you to check a bag. Also, there is a video system available to every seat, which offers TV, movies, music, games, and a sweet electronic menu for ordering your strong drink of choice.

Virgin America: Drink Menu

For me, a gin and tonic sounded perfect, so instead of having to listen to the flight attendant recite the liquor list and then run around the plane looking for change for a $20, I just order what I want on the screen and pay by credit card…easy.

You also have the option to order snacks via the on-screen menu, but I chose to stick to my liquid diet.

After you get your drinks, you can utilize the chat feature and strike up a conversation with that beautiful woman sitting over in seat 12C, or if you are looking to keep to yourself, play a video game.

Virgin America: Mad Bomber

There is a great selection of games, including two of my favorite games to play while on an airplane: “Mad Bomber” and “Tower Tumbler”.


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