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Pocket Shot: Another Piece of the Puzzle of Our Own Self Destruction


Pocket Shot: Fishing

This just in from Beer Mutineer JJ Bagley at the Great American Beer Festival in Colorado: They’ve taken Capri Sun juice box packaging and applied it to alcohol. I guess the old standard “mini-bottle” commonly found in airplanes and hotel rooms doesn’t provide the stealth-ness or usability for “consumers with an active lifestyle”.

After visiting the official website of Pocket Shot, one thing is clear: Beautiful women love this stuff! They seemed really excited to be drinking it. Basically, the message on the website is that Pocket Shot makes everything more fun, though where does the fun stop? If you wander around the website long enough, it begins to depict a post-apocalyptic world where people drink everywhere. They have Pocket Shots in their golf bag, they bring it canoing, and even hide it in their unfolded jeans.

Pocket Shot Goes Anywhere

Things get really crazy when you click on the “Goes Anywhere” tab and it says, “Don’t take our word for it, try it yourself. You can take a Pocket Shot…Anywhere!”. They list such examples as: concerts, sporting events, hiking, rollerblading, golfing, swimming, and traveling. Whoa, that is a bold statement. I’m guessing the security at the concert won’t share the same passion for Pocket Shot, nor will the EMT when you tumble down the mountainside because you we’re pounding Pocket Shot’s while hiking.

Pocket Shot

I’ve decided I’m going to test the public tolerance for these little pouches of alcohol, except being that I haven’t received my samples yet, I’m going to fill sandwich baggies with alcohol and head down to the library. This is going to be awesome.

Wait, there is more. If the convenience doesn’t sell you, the quality apparently will. Why spend hundreds of dollars on a high-end tequila when you can have the same thing with Pocket Shot tequila, which “is made from the finest Blue Agave Tequila from Jalisco, Mexico.” You can also enjoy rum, whiskey, vodka, or even gin.

Rounding out the Pocket Shot website is the “Anti Youth Campaign”. Really? Is that the best you could do in coming up with a name for your campaign? They say that, “The company uses Best Practices and refrains from marketing practices (including product design, advertising, and promotional techniques) that have substantial underage appeal…”. Again…really? The only thing you could do to make this appeal to kids more is to stick it in a happy meal. It’s a f-ing juice box! I like the ambition though.


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