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Pepsi Raw, I Want Some Now

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Pepsi Raw

I haven’t seen Pepsi Raw available for sale in the United States. As far as I know, it is only being sold in Europe, but I do hope it makes it over here soon. It’s basically everything you love about Pepsi, just with more awesome.

For starters, it is made from all natural ingredients, including cane sugar, apple extract, caramel color…you get the idea. It comes in a super futuristic bottle, and the website has spiffy recipes to point out the full potential of Pepsi Raw.

Consider this, the “Tequila and RAW”: No salt, no lime, just the distinctive taste of Tequila unmasked by Raw’s unique natural flavours. A slow drink to be savoured.

This stuff is for real, I just hope it survives the British gauntlet and makes it over here to the good ol’ US of A.


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