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Instant Karma (Sparkling Wine)


Karma Sparkling Wine

I was flying on Virgin America earlier this week when I was introduced to “Karma Sparkling Wine” on Virgin’s “Red” on-screen ordering system. Further research revealed that The Wine Spies had also taken an interest in the bubbly beverage, making it clear to me that I needed to know more about this California sparkling wine.

The most obvious thing about Karma is that it comes in a bottle with a screw cap, which makes “no glassware necessary” according to the Karma website. The “About Karma” section of the website doesn’t really say much about the liquid inside the bottle, instead focusing on the image and profitability of the product, which is a letdown.

What I do know is that the sparkling wine is non-vintage (NV), meaning that it is made using grapes from several years, a very common practice in the world of sparkling wine. Karma is Brut (super dry), and is made with hand-picked grapes from California’s Central Valley.

Being that I haven’t had the chance to taste this yet (I was drinking gin and tonics on the plane), I again refer to The Wine Spies for an opinion: “This is a serious sparkling California Brut, with a simple charm and an elegance that pleasantly surprised me.” Sounds good enough to try if you ask me…


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