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Hamburger Hall of Fame: Miners


Miners Food Menu

Something I’ve been wanting to do for some time is to have a Mutineer Magazine hamburger hall of fame. I’m convinced that it will happen at some point, but until it does, I’m limited to one-off tributes to the fine burger specimens I come across.

Today I recognize the outstanding burgers of Miners in Yakima. The restaurant itself was pretty cool; it has display cases full of Native American memorabilia, a killer arcade selection, and a sauce selection that is a model for fast food restaurants everywhere.

Miners Burger

I thought prices were a little high until I saw the portions; we could’ve ordered half as much food and been just fine. The extra orders of onion rings were just crazy huge.

The restaurant itself is pretty big, and one of the happening spots in Yakima for sure. I can’t recommend this place enough for a truly exceptional hamburger.


  1. Lindi | Friday, October 17, 2008

    Miners is the hallmark of a fine burger joint. My dad used to go there as a kid all the time, and growing up skiing and playing sports in that area, we stopped there on numerous occasions. A true American Burger joint, this is what all in the industry should aspire to. Unique, friendly, and downright fantastic. . . if only they would also sell beers!

  2. Michael | Friday, October 17, 2008

    Thanks for making me hungry and realizing that all I have in my fridge is 2 six packs of beer!

  3. Sasha | Monday, October 20, 2008

    As far as “truly American Burger joins” go, you guys may be right….and while we are on the topic, the Dicks chain in Seattle is great! But when you get into actual burger quality, there are plenty better. I don’t mean to start a “the burger in my town is better than the burger in your town”-battle, but if you are ever in small town Walla Walla, go to Tommy’s – it is a small, family run diner that has been around for decades. I normally go there when i need a large, yummy breakfast, but they also have a burger – “The Thing” it is called, and the name is pretty appropriate. In addition to the usual toppings (bacon, cheese, tomatoes, onions, etc.), it sports a giant slice of ham and an egg…So get creative and come try a jaw stretching THING…

  4. Alan | Monday, October 20, 2008

    YES! I love Dick’s burgers. Everything at Dick’s is awesome. We definitely need to get the burger hall of fame going…

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