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Giving Blind Tasting a Whole New Meaning

Spar Imperial Vodka

If you’re that guy wearing a fake Rolex from Tijuana, listening to pirated music you downloaded from the Internet, and giving your girlfriend counterfeit designer handbags you picked up in Koreatown, consider this: counterfeit vodka could cause blindness and death.

The vodka in question is a counterfeit version of “Spar Imperial Vodka”. Spar, the world’s largest food retailer, has 15,000 stores in 35 countries, though the United States is not among them. No counterfeit vodka has been found in Spar stores, so these bottles were acquired by thirsty drinkers elsewhere.

The cause of the blindness and possible death is methanol. Methanol is much better suited for use in anti-freeze or formaldehyde than in a Cosmopolitan. Pure methanol is also used as fuel in Indy Car racing, as it does not produce smoke when it is burned.

So what will happen to you if you drink the fake vodka anyway? Things will start off like any other night of binge drinking, but come ten hours later, you can expect blurry or loss of vision, which can soon lead to death due to respiratory failure.

Methanol intake was a big problem during Prohibition in the United States, as it was present in the common beverage “white lightning”, causing many people to go blind.


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