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DJ Trotters

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DJ Trotters

So, is there a shortage of sex-fueled images to use in beverage print advertising? If so, I would like to volunteer myself to help rectify the situation.

Here is exhibit A for your consideration: Stating The Obvious Champagne Linked To Seduction

This is an ad that was banned for being too sexual.

Now, onto exhibit B [see photo at top of blog], which is the color version of the lovely lady pouring the liquid onto the dude on the boat. Look familiar? (props to the person who did the Photoshop work to replace the champagne bottle with a DJ Trotters bottle.)

The brand behind this is DJ Trotters (not to be confused with prolific wedding DJ’s “Trotter DJ’s”).

In addition to Blue Zombie, there are enough flavors to enjoy a different DJ Trotters beverage everyday of the week: Strawberry Daiquiri to enjoy with Monday morning breakfast, Fuzzy Navel to enjoy with Tuesday’s lunch, Margarita to help you get over the Wednesday hump, Cosmopolitan to help your Thursday feel like a Friday, Blue Zombie to get you obliterated on Friday night, Sex on the Beach to enjoy on your Saturday trip to the land of bikinis and volleyball, and Pina Colada to provide the perfect soundtrack to reading in your backyard.

There is a significant French presence on the website, which doesn’t make sense to me, because this seems like an un-French product. It all comes together when I see where the company is located…Canadia (commonly known as Canada). Those wacky Canadians will try anything, even bottling “Blue Zombie” for consumption by the masses.


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