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Cristophe Smith of Titus Vineyards on the Silverado Trail Silver Pass Weekend


Silverado Trail

Wine Mutineer, Alan Kropf: What is the Silverado Trail Silver Pass Weekend?

Cristophe Smith: It is happening on November 8th and 9th, and it is basically 17 wineries doing an open house together. There will be food with the wine; you can try the famous wings over at Judd’s Hill and I’m going to be making some candied walnuts over at Titus from the walnut trees on the property. It will be a special weekend with great wine sales going on at all of the wineries.

WM: So this event will take place at all of the wineries?

CS: Absolutely. The event spans two days, you can choose to go to one day or you can go the whole weekend. It is easier to do the whole weekend so you can get to all of the wineries without being rushed.

WM: Will there be transportation options for people between wineries?

CS: There are transportation options through the Silverado Resort. They have specific limo companies that they work with that will be able to move people around the valley. There won’t be any shuttles, but call any of the limo companies and they’ll get you where you want to go.

WM: How do people buy tickets?

CS: You can buy them online. You can go to the Silverado Trail’s website, www.silveradotrail.com, or you can go to www.localwineevents.com and search Napa by date. You can also purchase tickets on the events page on www.titusvineyards.com.

WM: What are the prices?

CS: Right now the prices for pre-purchase are $30 for one-day or $50 for the weekend, and day of tickets are $40 for one-day or $60 for the weekend.

WM: So someone has Nov. 7 & 8 open, why should they check out the Silverado Trail Silver Pass Weekend?

CS: A lot of the wineries participating in the event, like Titus Vineyards, are not a public facility. We don’t have a tasting room. We’re never open. So if you want to come by and meet the winery principals and hang out on a property that you can’t ever come to, then this is a good time to do that.

WM: Will there be things to do at the event beyond tasting and drinking wine?

CS: Food and festivities. Depending on where you are, music could be anything from a band to an iPod. For food, there will be a ton of different things happening. For instance, Pina actually has a paella that is bigger than my arm span. It is a huge paella pan and they just dish it up all day long.

WM: Anything else?

CS: Just come out and have a good time. More information is available on the Silverado Trail website. The event will be benefiting the Napa Valley First Reader Program, which buys books for underprivileged children to get them reading at an early level.

There you have it folks. Great wine for great cause, featuring a lot of wineries you can’t typically visit, all for an ultra-reasonable price.

Here is a full list of wineries attending:

Atalon Winery

Bighorn Cellars

Black Stallion Winery

Calistoga Cellars

Conn Creek

Hagafen Cellars

Judd’s Hill Winery

Midsummer Cellars

Monticello Vineyards

Pina Cellars

Robinson Family Winery

RustRidge Winery

Signorello Vineyards

Summit Lake Vineyards

Titus Vineyards

William Hill Winery

Zahtila Vineyards


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