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Can You See The Beer Stash?


Can You See The Beer Fridge?

Somewhere in this picture is ice cold Stella Artois hidden from the prying eyes of supervisors, managers, police officers and AA sponsors.

Hidden Beer Fridge

I want to get this setup in the Mutineer Magazine HQ, except that I really don’t have any reason to hide all of the alcohol.

I would actually probably attempt this project while on a sweet Absinthe Adventure, waking up the next morning asking myself, “Where did all the beer go? Where did all of these boxes of paper come from?” It will be months before I put all of the pieces together…

Originally reported on Dethroner.


  1. JJ Bagley | Friday, October 31, 2008

    This is perfect for those stuck in cubicles all day, now you just have to figure out how to have a beer nap after drinking at 10:00 am.

  2. Lam | Friday, October 31, 2008

    The Art of Ninjustsu Drinking, ftw

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