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Absolut Kanye


This is one of the more psychedelic alcohol advertisements I’ve seen. It’s being pushed on the Internet right now, and consists of lame guys taking magic pills allowing them to turn into Kanye West (ten-time Grammy Award-winning rap artist) and hook up with beautiful women. What’s better is at the end, it says “A Vision by Kanye West”. That’s what I love about Kanye – he doesn’t have an ego. I mean sure he put together an ad that has guys taking drugs to turn into him, but beyond that he is totally grounded.

What does this has to do with vodka? I have no idea. All I know is that I really want some Absolut Vodka right now.

I asked Jeff, our business manager, his thoughts on the Absolut Kanye ad, to which he replied, “I want to see a pill that turns me into a ninja who fights Kanye”. I think he’s onto something there…


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