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21+ Screenings at Arclight

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21+ Arclight Screenings

Arclight Cinemas is my theater of choice in Los Angeles. You can reserve your seat online, they usually have movie props set up in the theater, and most importantly they offer “21+ Screenings” in which alcohol can be consumed.

Good thing too, because the two movies being featured as 21+ movies at the moment are “Rachel Getting Married” and “The Duchess”. Much alcohol will be needed to survive. “Rachel Getting Married” claims to contain “brief sexuality”, so I’m proposing that we take a shot each time this “brief sexuality” rears its ugly head.


  1. Michael | Tuesday, October 14, 2008

    So are you required to purchase their alcohol? If so, what kind of selection do they have? Prices? I can’t see it being cheap.

    Sounds like someone needs to do a little recon!

    But nonetheless, it sounds like a great time seeing a (hopefully) good movie, friends, and several good beers or rum and cokes.

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