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Wine 2.0 Expo Preview


Wine 2.0

The Mutineer heads to the Big Apple tonight to attend the Wine 2.0 Expo. Here is a chat with Wine 2.0 Expo organizer Cornelius Geary about this week’s event:

What is Wine 2.0 all about?

Wine 2.0 is about connecting wine innovators with the next generation consumer. We use online channels like Facebook, Linkedin  and YouTube in addition to real world events to connect them both.

How did Wine 2.0 grow into the event that is happening this Thursday?

We started small with a core group of young entrepreneurs and some smart “a head of the times winemakers” who were looking for new paths to market and sell their wines. Wine 2.0 New York is our 5th major event and we again expect a stellar crowd of over 1,500 wine and tech lovers to come out.

Do you guys function outside of this event?

We have several formats, smaller education focused events all the way to major scale events like Wine 2.0 New York.

We’re also online at our own social network:

And these other sites:
Wine 2.0 Facebook
Wine 2.0 Linkedin

What are you most excited about regarding this year’s event?

I think our relationship with Web 2.0 Expo has given us a great new synergistic partner who gets where we are going and appreciates our focus. New York is the media capitol of the world and for Wine 2.0 to produce and execute a high quality event, I think shows we are committed to taking things to a new level and visibility in the wine world.

How important are these wine innovators to the advancement of the wine industry?

With the wine business as competitive and as regulated as it is, I think our wine industry trade members are willing to push the limits of what technology can do to make, market or sell wine. You also have a new tech savvy generation that wants to be exposed to wine and is willing to roll up their sleeves to learn and better educate themselves on all aspects of wine. By adding events to the mix, we are able to give them a better experience and put them face to face with the cutting edge brands and marketers who are challenging the status quo.

Anything else?

We have several new announcements coming that will continue to take Wine 2.0 and our forward thinking partners and wine lovers to the next level of visibility and sales, so stay tuned.


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