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Why 3 Stereotypes in the Younger Demographic Should Be Drinking More Wine



I don’t understand why more young people (over the age of 21 of course) don’t drink wine. It could be that wine is such as quiet beverage that it requires simple situations in which to be enjoyed, yet younger people find themselves in these situations more than you ‘d think. Here are three typical young adults who are perfect candidates to become wine lovers:

Grad Student
It’s graduate school, it’s hard, you’re gonna be studying a lot. Why not make the best of a tough situation and add a glass of Pinot Noir to your studying regime. In addition to the immense enjoyment derived from drinking the wine, I find it helps me focus by giving my brain quick rests whenever I take a sip of wine.

Young Professional

After a long, twelve hour day at the office, comfy clothes, a snack, and a glass of wine with your favorite movie can have incredible healing effects. The wine coaxes you into relaxation, marking the end of your workday. The ever so slight residual effects of work are washed away with your first sip, and you can feel your body getting lighter. You then have the rest of the night to do whatever you want, even if it means nothing at all.

Young Couple
Young couples love to be in love, and a bottle of bubbles is as good a soundtrack as any to a budding story of love and passion. You can explore wine regions together on the weekends, build a wine collection at home, and find those special bottles that have significance to you as a couple. It can add just the right touch to a romantic encounter. It can take the edge off an awkward moment, or it can lower standards just enough to make things work.


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