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Top 5 Waters

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Great wine always tastes better with great water. I’ve become a water-phile somewhere along the way, and continue to explore new waters as I come across them. Here are my top 5 favorite waters that are widely available.


5. Voss Sparkling
I love Voss sparkling water. It is lush, soft, and easy on the palate. It is refreshing, yet elegant. Voss is made in Norway, in a very distinctive bottle designed by former Calvin Klein Creative Director, Neil Kraft. While this design is beautiful, it is also very impractical and top heavy, making it the water servers avoid selling in restaurants.


4. S. Pellegrino
This is a classic sparkling water in my opinion. It is very mineral-y and stony, rough and complex. It is an aggressively refined water, and able to stand up to the loudest meals, especially high acid Italian tomato sauce. S. Pellegrino is produced in Italy just outside of Milan in the town San Pellegrino Terme.

Ty Nant

3. Ty Nant
This water has a lot of character, and if I could describe it in a word it would be elegant. The blue bottle screams for attention, and marks an evening as being noteworthy. Ty Nant was launched in 1989, and is produced in Ceredigion Wales.


2. Apollinaris
This sparkling water is pretty awesome, starting with the fact that this is Patrick Bateman’s water of choice in “American Psycho”. This water debuted in 1852 and is produced in Bad Neuenahr, Germany. This water has a fair amount of character, its very fresh and has a crispy effervescence.


1. Perrier
This is our staple sparkling water at Mutineer Magazine. Perrier is pretty cool, in that it is, “naturally carbonated”. This is done by capturing carbonic gas independently of the water, then added in the bottling faze. This water tastes subdued to me, this is a water I can drink like…water. It has a tighter taste than Pellegrino. This is a go to water that won’t distract. Perrier proudly claims that each bottle contains, “50 million bubbles”.


  1. Isabella Miram | Wednesday, July 1, 2015

    Can you tell me please, where I can buy the Apollinaris water? Live in San Diego and can’t locate it anywhere .. use to get it by the case of 12 /. 1-liter bottles. Thank you!

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