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The Device


The Device

Have you always wanted to home-brew, but didn’t want the hassle of purchasing all the equipment and hauling everything back and forth? Well then, your solution has arrived, an all-in-one beer machine.

To use you simply have to add the following to The Device:

  • – Add six gallons of water
  • – Malt extract
  • – Hops

In a couple of weeks you will have your very own glorious brew.

John Carnett, a staff photographer from Popular Science magazine, designed and developed this beer-making machine. It does everything from fermentation, settling, and even serving from two tap handles. During the demonstration John cranked up the burner bringing the water to a rolling boil and added a malt extract. Fifteen minutes later he added some hops and let it boil again. He then adds more of the coniferous plant to the pot. After The Device finishes brewing it moves on to the fermentation process and then to the settling process. The Device is contained on two rolling carts and it has more nozzles, hoses, pressurized containers, and valves than a jet engine and it’s not even for sale! However, it may be the beginning of what could soon become a coffee maker sized brewer. Think about it, experimenting with your own recipes to develop your perfect beer.


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