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Spuds MacKenzie: An American Institution


Spuds MacKenzie

Spuds MacKenzie was like a marketing super soldier. Spuds made his world premier during a super bowl ad, and soon skyrocketed to doggie stardom. Spuds got all the women, and partied pretty much non-stop. He was a celebrity that middle America could finally relate to, and he became an institution in American pop culture.

Spuds MacKenzie

Spuds may have seemed to be living the life, but don’t be deceived by “his” easy going, on-screen lifestyle; Spuds MacKenzie was anything but easygoing. For starters, “he” was actually a “she”, and her real name was Honey Tree Evil Eye (seriously)… this all led to confusion for both the dog and marketers as Spuds’s frequent sex with males was becoming a problem for higher ups. You see, Spuds was supposed to be a dude, a rockin’ dude that is into beautiful woman and ice cold, refreshing Bud Light…that is something that people can relate to, but this boy on boy stuff, well it just had to go.

Music is definitely what got Spuds through the tough times. Spuds played in a band called “Spuds Mackenzie and the Party Animals”, and it wasn’t often Spuds would be seen without some headphones around his neck.

Being the best did not come without a price, as several “temperance groups” were saying the “too-cool-for-monogamy-and-sobriety-dog” ads were aimed at children. Spuds ended his ride at the top of the world in 1993 when the ad campaign was canceled.

Spuds may be gone from the public eye, but he/she will never be forgotten.


  1. Natalie | Wednesday, September 3, 2008

    well, I actually have a cooler full of bud light in my trunk. no, seriously. I accidentally stole it on labor day from some dudes. But, maybe Spuds will show up if we crack some open. that dog ROCKED.

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