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Sidral Mundet

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Sidral Mundet

Sidral Mundet is a delicious beverage from Mexico that is actually available on the West Coast (United States). I first tried this after finding it at a 7-Eleven in Los Angeles, and had it again today at the Philly Cheese Steak café.

This is a curious beverage indeed. It is apple soda that is made in Mexico. The neat thing about Sidral Mundet is that it is made with natural ingredients, including real sugar, instead of the cheaper alternative that is commonly used in the United States, corn syrup.

I tried translating “Sidral Mundet” using Google Translate, but apparently it just means Sidral Mundet in any language. I was hoping it translated into something cool like “bodacious apple”.

Sidral Mundet has been around since 1902, and it was thought to have medicinal benefits. It wasn’t available in the U.S. until 1988, but now it isn’t too tough to find and definitely worth a try.

Check out this Sidral Mundet commercial:


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