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RoboBar: How to send 99% of Hollywood’s Struggling Actors Below the Poverty Level

This thing straddles the line between terrifying and the coolest thing I’ve ever seen. RoboBar is a new robotic bar that comes in three models: a high-entertainment model, a high production model, and a non-alcoholic model.

It’s obvious that the non-alcoholic model will sink the RoboBar ship faster than a Van Halen singer change, but the other two models just might have it in them to keep the company afloat. My only question is, what if I want a high production model that is also highly entertaining?

I’m guessing this thing costs more than most businesses are willing to pay, but when you factor in all the money that won’t be swiped from the till, all of the drinks that won’t be drunk during shifts, and not having to put up with bitchy, hack bartenders waiting for their big Hollywood break, this thing pays for itself. The site claims that the labor cost of running a RoboBar is only 30 cents an hour, which is funny because that is about what I make running this blog at Mutineer Magazine.

The site makes another claim I’m not so sure about, and that is that RoboBar has “high reliability” and will be “Certainly the most reliable piece of equipment in the bar”. I’ve asked Motoman, the manufacturer, for a tester RoboBar to set up in the Mutineer Office, though I haven’t heard back yet. If they do send me my very own RoboBar, I will conduct a reliability test with RoboBar going up against a metal stir spoon. We’re talking baseball bats, bb guns, and the most sugary Schnapps I can find. Not to mention, if I were to open a bar, I would only serve drinks that are lit on fire and extremely dangerous, so we’ll see how RoboBar handles that.

What really makes RoboBar a standout is it’s flat screen panel containing a face that can interact with customers. The demo model is set to a beautiful girl, but I’d definitely program one of my old bosses into the screen and force him to make really tedious blender drinks 24 hours a day, constantly throwing drinks in his computer face for not being up to par. Work you fiend, WORK!

Check out their promo video.


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