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Red Bull: Lightly carbonated. Serve chilled.

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Red Bull

By now I am sure that most of the United States population has at least tried a Red Bull, whether you needed to snap out of your zombie-like state because you were up watching Soprano’s DVD’s all night or because you were just trying a new cocktail at the bar – Red Bull and vodka. Maybe you were browsing around a convenience store in California, 1997, and stumbled across this sleek and intriguing can.

The year 1997 was a long time ago. I can’t honestly remember what I thought of Red Bull the first time I tried it. However, for the sake of curiosity, lets try and go back in time with an unbiased pallet and figure out just what Red Bull is all about.

From the outside I see a sleek can – minimal design. Classic colors; blue, red, and yellow. It even claims to vitalize my body and my mind. Nutritional facts don’t seem all that terrible, at least when I am comparing it to my usual morning beverage of choice, Mountain Dew. It has 60 less calories, 18g less carbs, and 19g less sugars. Some might argue that a Red Bull (8 oz) can is much smaller than a Mountain Dew can (12 oz). I find that point mute – I don’t drink one and a half Red Bull’s in one sitting. I drink one. Smaller servings = less calories. Walking down the street carrying this can, I feel good. I am carrying a trendy new slim can, something that no one knows anything about. Not to mention, for some reason most people find that people who drink soda in the morning look awkward. Where is your coffee, right?

Let’s crack this open and see what its all about. It smells very similar to strawberry Jell-o that is still in it’s powder form. It also has a hint of candy, maybe Smarties. The taste is very similar to the smells, with the added light carbonation and I will stop at nothing in order to bring you the very best energy drink journalism out there. So, I will attempt to drink Jello-o in order to prove my theory. My results prove somewhat successful and somewhat unsuccessful. It tasted like what Red Bull might taste like if they added a strawberry flavor. I do not recommend trying this though Jello-o beverage, it was not the most delicious makeshift drink. Stick to a cold can of Red Bull.

Red Bull has nearly half the entire United States market for energy drinks. Thats pretty impressive for an energy drink that stays true to it’s original flavor while Coca-Cola and Unique Beverage Company race to see who can create the most flavors, while trying to hold their own up against Red Bull. Red Bull unfortunately does not “give you wings”, but it tastes amazing; cold, crisp, different, and I can honestly say it opens up my eyes in the morning, and puts me straight to work. This drink was intended for just that, waking you up. The creator, Dietrich Mateschitz, was inspired by the Thai beverage Krating Daeng, and he claims that this beverage cured his jet lag.

So I’ll leave with two questions for the readers:

1. What do you remember about the first time you drank Red Bull?
2. Has anyone actually tried Krating Daeng? I am in the process of trying to get my hands on some of it.


  1. Erik | Thursday, September 18, 2008

    I’ve tried Krating Daeng before. It was many, many years ago and a friend who had just returned from Thailand with a nasty, infected spider bite had developed a taste for it. We searched all over and found it for sale at a tiny local Asian market. I thought it was very strange stuff, but it sure woke me up. When Red Bull arrived on the market about a year later, I was fairly pleased.

  2. Michael | Thursday, September 18, 2008

    Red Bull has a new product out, called Red Bull Cola. Their marketing strategy is pushing the fact that it’s all natural. I haven’t tried it yet, because it isn’t available everywhere yet, just in certain areas. I know Vegas has it though!

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