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Mutineer Magazine Issue #2 Preview


Issue #2 Preview

It’s almost here; Mutineer Magazine Issue #2 will be in mailboxes next week. Here are some of the stories you’ll find lurking in the pages of our publication:

Bottle Shock: Stranger Than Fiction

Wine Mutineer Alan Kropf examines the relevance of the new Hollywood flick “Bottle Shock”, going straight to the sources and talking to George M. Taber and Steven Spurrier about the film.

The Modern Era of Absinthe

Contributing Editor Natalie Hall and Wine Mutineer Alan Kropf go to one of the rising stars in Absinthe production to get the skinny on this misunderstood beverage making a comeback.

Mutineer on Tour: The Wines of Southern Oregon

Wine Mutineer Alan Kropf reports on his time spent in that wine producing void located somewhere in between San Francisco and Portland, also known as Southern Oregon.

Chivalry Isn’t Dead: How to Get the Girl in the Bar

Contributing Editor Adriann Coen lays out a fool proof plan to turn any deadbeat guy in to a chivalrous gentleman in an effort the get the girl in the bar.

The Great Religion of Minerality

Wine Mutineer Alan Kropf explores the science and ideas behind the controversial world of Minerality in wine.

Big Money Beer

Beer Editor JJ Bagley outlines some of the most expensive and sought after beers in the world to celebrate the current booming economy.

These are just a few of gems that will be featured in the upcoming issue. Subscribe to receive your own copy, and stay tuned to www.mutineermagazine.com for more developments.


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