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King Cobra, is it worth the $1.50?

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King Cobra

Nothing says yum like a black and gold can with a King Cobra printed on it. I found this compelling can while cruising the isles at my local convenience store – the Anheuser-Busch King Cobra Fine Malt Beverage. It was a beverage that I absolutely could not walk away from without purchasing. This 22 oz. can of beer will run you about $1.50, but it’ll cost you a lot more in tastelessness.

I felt like a petty criminal as I left the store, hiding my new purchase deep within the black plastic bag. Now the question is, do I use an ice-cold beer mug or a room temperature pint glass? After a brief consideration, I go for the ice-cold mug. The general rule of thumb is that if it tastes bad, drink it as cold as possible to cover up the taste. I’m sure that taste is not something to look forward to in this particular purchase.

At 6% abv I was expecting something with a sticky, sweet aftertaste that makes you think you might have thrown up in your mouth a little bit. However, the thin golden liquid was surprisingly easier to drink than I expected. Don’t expect much from this beer though. It is a little sweet on the back end, though fairly drinkable for a product of such distinction. So if you’re out with the boys shooting stop signs or just looking for a good ol’ headache, reach for a King Cobra and enjoy.


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