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Cobra Whiskey Pairings


Cobra Grass Snake Whiskey

This stuff is supposedly quite the aphrodisiac, but to be honest, it scares the hell out of me. As if having a cobra in your whiskey isn’t enough, this particular bottle also has a grass snake in it, which is actually in the cobra’s mouth.

The only real use I can see for this is for proactive parents wanting to deter curious teenagers from rummaging around the liquor cabinet. I mean, kids are typically nervous enough when they are rummaging through cupboards like a liquor bandit, can you imagine if they grab a bottle thinking they hit the jackpot, only to find a friggin’ king cobra with a grass snake in its mouth IN the bottle…problem solved.

If having snakes in your whiskey is what you’re into, and you’re wondering what to serve along side this reptilian beverage, the Internet has you covered! Here are some fail proof suggestions to make your snake whiskey party a success:

Bamboo Worms

Bamboo Worms
A “tasty insect larvae snack”, the “taste and texture are similar to corn puff snacks”. These worms are lightly fried, but if you wander out into the jungle and eat some of these young moths right off the tree, you can supposedly expect some hallucinogenic effects.

Pizza Flavored Scorpions

Pizza Flavored Scorpions
Obviously an effort to capture the American market, these “Heterometrus Spinifer Scorpions…have been delicately roasted and can be eaten whole…Due to evolving from an amphibious ancestor they taste similar to a sea prawn with a slightly bitter taste.” Apparently, if you put your bowl of scorpions under a black UV light, the skin will glow green. Why this is a good thing is beyond me, but it is listed as a feature never the less.

Giant Edible Crickets

Giant Edible Crickets
Now these aren’t so bad, who hasn’t eaten a cricket or two in their day? Special instructions are included, “They can be eaten whole, but we recommend removing the harder outer wings and legs.

Weaver Ants

Weaver Ants
Talk about a value, you get 200 of these tiny creatures in a bag, bet you can’t eat just one! According to the bag, the ultimate way to enjoy these is in a “dancing prawn salad”, which is…wait for it…a salad of live baby prawns, get it? I’m pretty sure this is what Jabba the Hut was eating in Return of the Jedi. They somehow figured out how to take something incredibly gross and make it even grosser by sprinkling ants all over it…I’ll stick to eating my Weaver Ants right out of the bag.


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  2. kay | Friday, September 12, 2008

    Hi I got a bottle from this site but the shape is not the same, I wonder if there are different kind of snake wines ?


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