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Budweiser Frogs


Budweiser Frogs

Sgt. Pepper is to concept albums as the Budweiser Frogs are to concept advertising. This campaign was EPIC. At the center were three frogs (they do kind of look like toads though) named “Bud” “Weis” and “Er”. The ad campaign debuted during the 1995 Super Bowl (49ers dominated).

In 1999, Louie and Frankie the Chameleons were introduced into the Budweiser Frog world. Louie hated the Budweiser Frogs, and eventually hired a ferret to kill the frogs, but his plans were foiled. Things get pretty dark after that, with the “Weis” frog getting sick and developing the shakes and a clear-ish complexion to his skin, and us finding out about the ferret’s big singing career and past life as a nude model.

The Budweiser ads are among the most psychedelic out there, and definitely raised the bar for fine beverage marketing.


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