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American Wine & Food Festival: Best Wine Festival EVER


American Wine & Food Festival

Night 1 of the American Wine & Food Festival was a beef extravaganza, with some of the Los Angeles’s best restaurants showing off their interpretations of what’s for dinner. The event was held at Wolfgang Puck’s Red Seven restaurant, and Chef Puck was on hand to shake hands and slurp down some wine himself.

Other participating restaurants included; Craft Los Angeles, Cut Beverly Hills, Cut Las Vegas, Lawry’s, Montage Beverly Hills, and 8 oz Burger Bar, all part of the beef extravaganza.

American Wine & Food Festival

Things became really awesome on night 2, which was held at the back lots of Universal Studios. Let me be very clear, this is the most incredible consumer wine festival I’ve ever been to. The list of restaurants in attendance was ambitious, with a ton of beverage companies pouring their creations for your libation pleasure. All of this, all set amidst the Universal Studios back lot, created an incredibly fantastic experience.

American Wine & Food Festival Patron Ice Bar

Ice bars were the phallic measuring sticks of the festival, with Patron boning up for a massive frozen structure allowing for cocktails to be poured from the top of the ice bar, while your drinks flows through the ice bar and you catch it at the bottom of the bar. Things got a little crazy around midnight though, when part of the Patron ice bar collapsed in what I am certain was a planned protest by the global warming people.

My only complaint about the event was that attendees and vendors began throwing in the towel at 9:30-ish, although the festival didn’t end until 11pm. The festival was a little short anyways, and to shave off more time was just silly. Los Angeles is known for its ability to party and I really expected more from this city.

I must suggest this event for people to attend next year. There is a little sticker shock at $300 a ticket to get in, but considering you get all these incredible drinks and amazing foods to taste, this is actually a hell of a deal. Not to mention the movie set experience is priceless. You can get more info on the beverage companies and restaurants in attendance by visiting www.awff.org.


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