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Alcohol in the Latest Men’s Health

Men's Health

The latest Men’s Health Magazine has two stories about alcohol in it.

The first story is called “When Beer is Bad”, and it refers to a University of Michigan study that links beer consumption to pancreatic cancer. Bummer. Apparently drinking one beer a day resulted in the onset of cancer five years earlier than those who developed pancreatic cancer without drinking beer. The study mentions alcohol being the risk factor, but doesn’t mention how the results of other alcoholic beverage like wine and spirits.

The other story is about alcohol reducing the risk of gaining weight by 18% when enjoyed in moderation. The Danish study says, “Moderate drinking may stimulate a metabolic process that breaks down alcohol and produces heat, which could increase your calorie burn.” This has been a theory for awhile, and I never seem to get tired of hearing it.


  1. Marlina | Monday, August 10, 2009

    Google usually leads me to such helpful blogs else my health could have become vulnerable to various problems.

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