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Set Sail For Mutineer Restaurant


Mutineer Restaurant

We’re pretty sure this is what went down: Back in 19XX, the founders of Mutineer Restaurant traveled forward in time to the year 2008 in search of a vision for their restaurant…the rest is history. Located in Florida City, Florida, Mutineer Restaurant’s website features some killer graphics and Billy Joel-esque piano riffs playing in the background. I decide to take advantage of the websites “Tour” feature, as I’m on tour on the West Coast right now, and well, it sounded like a great place to start. With the piano rocking my iMac speakers, I got a glimpse into what Mutineer Restaurant is all about.

It has everything I look for in a restaurant: tropical pool, buffet, a dining room clad in wood paneling, and a new-old stock lounge right off a 70’s showroom floor. Best of all the restaurant has a petting zoo, so your kids can hang out with goats and barnyard animals while you wait for the appetizers to come.

Check out the sweet pictures from Mutineer Restaurant’s website of psychedelic animals talking to you to get you to come to the restaurant set to Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker Suite played by I’m assuming Billy Joel.

Mutineer Restaurant

Mutineer Restaurant

Mutineer Restaurant

Mutineer Restaurant

Mutineer Restaurant is to restaurants what Sgt. Peppers is to albums, and they carry the Mutineer theme right onto the menu, with the menu divided into “Treasures From The Sea”, “Ships Ribs”, and “Captain’s Treasures”. I wonder if only Captains can order off the “Captain’s Treasures” menu. There are quite a few options to choose from, and if you are indecisive, I suggest going to the Sunday lunch buffet first to sample a broad range of Mutineer Restaurant’s offerings, though when I go I know what I’m getting: The Mutineer, a 2 pound choice t-bone steak, prepared by walking through a warm room.

Viva the Mutineer!


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