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Kress, New Night Club in Hollywood

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Mutineer Magazine writer Natalie Hall attended the grand opening of Kress and here are her thoughts:

When you walk through the front doors, it makes quite an impression. The place is huge, I mean huge. The Kress is a multi-level restaurant, club, lounge, and banquet hall. As you walk in, you see an enormous round bar with a gorgeous abstract chandelier, flanked all around with banquettes designed in that opulent French-Asian Victorian thing. I see two things: the waitresses with trays of fancy-schmancy cocktails, and a buffet of appetizers. (Score!)


The restaurant and sushi bar is on an elevated level open to the main floor. I didn’t really get to try the food much, but I did have a little spring roll filled with shitake mushrooms and boursin cheese with a spicy little dipping sauce. It was totally delicious, and I really wanted to take the whole tray, but I was in public and in front of a date, so I refrained. I got a kick out of their “private” dining room, which is basically a large dining table completely surrounded by see through plexiglass in the corner of the restaurant. A staff member assured me that is was, however, soundproof.

We were led down to the club, which is actually below ground level underneath the main bar. The club is very Vegas-y and small, but in a good way. It actually feels very exclusive and luxurious- maybe it was the large amounts of snakeskin. Either way, it’s pretty damn cool. The best part however, is for girls only. There is a champagne bar in the ladies room. Just take a moment with that. Ok, good.


The roof top bar is by far the coolest part though. It’s got this Miami Beach vibe, with AstroTurf on the floor, sexy banquettes on the edges, and 360˚ views of Hollywood. It makes me wonder why there aren’t more roof-top bars in Hollywood (this is the only one!), although you can only get up there if you get bottle service. So I spent the rest of the night taking advantage of the free cocktails, and lounging on top of Hollywood with my “photographer”. Go check out The Kress, if only for the sheer spectacle of the thing. I’m just waiting for when they open apartments in it so I can move in and spend the rest of my days in hedonism. A girl can dream, right?


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