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In the Heat of the Day


Unibroue Ephemere
It’s hot and a little sticky, you’ve just finished washing the car and you come inside for a refreshing drink. All you have in the fridge is cola and an lmperial Porter. Don’t get me wrong I love porters, but on a hot summer day its not my choice for a thirst quenching beverage.

My favorite by far is Unibroue Ephemere (Apple). A Belgian style witbier with a hint of Granny Smith apples that is super refreshing. The apple is just present enough to give you a crispy tangy tartness. Don’t think of this a cider or some sweet concoction but a good ale with bit more than the average witbier. Also Ephemere is fairly easy to find at BevMo or any retailer with a good selection of brew. Another great summer ale would be a fruit Lambic. This is a Belgian ale brewed with fruit and is tart and sour with a fairly low alcohol content and it is easy to drink.

Try the Cantillon Fou’ Foune from Brasserie Cantillon of Belgium. This is much more difficult to procure, but it is quite a treat.


  1. Michael | Tuesday, August 26, 2008

    I haven’t heard of the Ephemere, but hopefully my beer store has it cause it sounds pretty good.

    I liked the Cantillon Rose de Gambrinus which was amazingly refreshing, this is another I must try.

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