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10 Reasons Why Southern Oregon Wine is Killer


RoxyAnn Vineyards

10. Sustainability, like much of Oregon, is a priority throughout the region.

9. The wine industry is relatively young and undiscovered in the mainstream.

8. There is a strong culture of collaboration between Southern Oregon and other Oregon wine regions, paving the way for continued improvement.

7. Many of the pioneers who got the region started are still active in wineries.

6. The white wines of Southern Oregon achieve a distinction that is one of the best kept secrets in wine.

5. While the region is hot, the nights are very cool, creating a must-have acidity.

4. Southern Oregon produces my favorite Viognier wines outside of France.

3. Southern Oregon may quite possibly be the most versatile wine region on the planet.

2. Southern Oregon Wines are some of the best values in wine right now.

1. Southern Oregon Wines are really damn tasty.


  1. H Bruce Smith | Wednesday, January 6, 2010

    All very true but what exactly is the Southern Oregon region. Here is where things are falling apart. The region is made up of several AVA’s including Rouge Valley, Applegate and the Umpqua Valley. And while similar in many ways, there is a wide variance of climate between say the Applegate (very hot) to the Umpqua Valley (moderate).

    Your uniformed readers may be thinking along the lines of a homogeneous geography, such as Napa Valley. This couldn’t be farther from the truth for Southern Oregon.

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