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Hangover Remedy Exposed

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RU-21 Experiment

Over the years I have heard many different remedies for hangovers, from the “George W. Bush Preemptive Strike” of two Advil when you pass out and two Advil when you come to, to the “Oh shit, I’m hung-over. Let’s go eat a greasy breakfast.” And my favorite (though untried) beer with raw egg yolk and Tabasco. I was on my way out of my favorite beverage shop, Vendome, standing at the counter, when I spotted my next mission in front of me.

The box labeled RU-21 leapt out at me looking like something that would contain the morning after pill, but not necessarily the morning after drinking kind of pill. So, I picked it up to take a look. “Supports the body’s natural ability to metabolize alcohol” was stated on the front of the box and that sounded just like something for me. I mean that’s the whole point of drinking alcohol–to metabolize it, right?

I looked down at the bottles I had brought to the counter and knew that to properly test this product I was going to have to rethink my choices. I went back to the shelves and looked for something to truly evaluate the grit of what was stated on the back of the box by Dr. Kenneth Krul Ph.D. “RU-21 effectiveness is based on recognized scientific principles and biochemical knowledge.” Well, we will see. Using the well-known principles of never-mix-alcohols, I am going to venture into rarely charted territory with this lineup of destructive and brazen beverage choices.

1. Otokoyama sake, dry, light sake perfect for the starting gate.

2. Saison Dupont, Belgian farmhouse ale, a personal favorite.

3. Firestone Double Barrel Ale, American Red Ale.

4. Rodenbach, Flemish Sour brewed in Belgium.

5. The Balvenie, single barrel Scotch Whiskey aged 15 years.

The box informs me to take two pills before my first drink and two after my last; lucky I hadn’t started drinking at noon today. I break open the box…

The Morning After

RU-21 Fail

Keep in mind, this was no double-blind study conducted with the utmost scientific method, but merely a real-world trial within the confines of my home. Also, some new beverages were added at the beginning of our experiment: two pints of Stella Artois and one pint of Hoegaarden just to get things off on the right footing. It took me longer than usual to get out of bed, but when I did I must admit that no hangover was present. My pee was yellow and the kitchen was a wreck. In total, that sounds like we partied and I only needed to clean up.

Verdict: RU-21 is approved by the Beer Mutineer, if only because it is better on your liver than Acedominiphine, and it did seem to work.


  1. Natalie | Wednesday, July 2, 2008

    I wish I was there. I have to say, I went through a brief phase with Chasers, which seemed to work, but I will have to try RU 21 now. Your beverage list sounds like a barrel full of fun.

  2. Gillian | Thursday, July 3, 2008

    You are spot on! I am in my late 30’s and seem to get hungover much easier than when I was younger especially when I drink wine and this certainly helped me. I bought it online and got free shipping at http://www.ru-21.net

    Love the layout of the mutineer!

  3. Mutineer Magazine | Tuesday, July 8, 2008

    […] lint. It’s ruined. Rising from the bed (is it even yours?) you stub your toe on an empty RU-21 box and mumble an obscenity. You should not have gotten so drunk last […]

  4. Kelly Wright | Wednesday, December 17, 2008

    The legend says RU-21 was originally developed for Russian spies to be able to get information from people while drinking absolutely crazy amounts of alcohol. Dunno if it has to do with the truth, but for marketing purposes it serves very well ;-)

  5. Mutineer Magazine | Thursday, December 18, 2008

    @Kelly interesting. Haven’t heard that before. Will look into it.

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