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The Great Belgian Beer Tour: A Connoisseur’s Dream, A Drunkard’s Paradise



Tired of your favorite pub or just want an excuse to go to Europe and get sauced? Here it is, Ciao! Travel has put together a Belgian Beer Tour that takes you from Amsterdam to Brussels and allows you to explore just how much of the good stuff you can really handle. Starting off in Amsterdam–I hope your hippocampus is still functioning after this–you have the chance of exploring the Van Gogh Museum or drinking, taking a sightseeing tour or drinking, and walking around Amsterdam or drinking. Like I said, lots of options. For the more serious drinker of fine ales and beers the T’Ij Brewery, Amsterdam’s finest, is on the itinerary as well as a pub-crawl through the best Beer Café’s in town. On the fourth morning, a train takes you to Brussels where Zythos 24 hours of Beer Festival is held. About one hundred and fifty beers from fifty breweries are available for tasting, some of which are extremely rare. Brussels also offers some excellent restaurants that pair local beers with seafood and other delicacies. This is a great introduction for those unfamiliar to this style of ale or the Beer Geek wanting to visit some of the greatest Breweries in the world.

For more information, visit: www.ciaotravel.com


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