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Squirt: It’s back…or did it ever leave?

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Spirits Mutineer Douglas Harenchar rolled into the office with a two liter bottle of Squirt (that I was subsequently informed that business manager Jeff Dorenbush actually purchased). I haven’t had Squirt in years, and its epic return to my palate has inspired me to dig a little deeper into this magnificent beverage.

I started my research with a simple Google search, which led me to squirt.org…YES! a site devoted to the culture and enjoyment of Squirt…wait…um…this has nothing to do with the soda…researching Squirt on the internet is a foray into the seedy world of internet porn, so we’ll stick to the basics here:

Squirt is a grapefruit flavored carbonated beverage. Squirt was invented in…wait for it…1938! It has been around for 70 years, and it is still trucking strong. It was invented by Herb Bishop, and was able to be made with a relatively low amount sugar and fruit juice. Squirt doesn’t have caffeine, though its spin off, Ruby-Red Squirt, does. Most people think Ruby-Red Squirt is ruby red grapefruit flavored, but it is actually a combination of citrus and berry. Diet Squirt hit the market in 1983, with the claim to fame of being the first soda to be sweetened with aspartame.


  1. Laura J Dub | Tuesday, June 10, 2008

    One of our favourite college drinks was called, “Reverend Griff’s Holy water.” Obviously, created by my room mate at the time, Reverend Griff.


    monarch or burnett’s vodka (yes, college!!)
    splash of lemon juice

    We found out later by some prick of a bar tender who wandered into our of our houseparties that it was actually a greyhound. Whatever. The power of Christ obviously didn’t compell that jackass.

    Beverage best consumed out of a dirty coffee mug and with a bowl of ramen.

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