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Excuse me, I ordered the “Real Ale”


Real Ale Fest

The Mutineer Team descended on Carlsbad’s Pizza Port this past weekend to attend the 11th annual Real Ale Festival. Imagine a land full of the best cask conditioned ales with the added bonus for those in the VIP section of twenty outstanding bottles to taste. Imagine no more, this becomes reality at the Real Ale Festival. I try to attend every event at the Carlsbad Pizza Port because I am never let down and this time was no exception.

All of the usual suspects were present, and by that I mean Chris Fischer, Logan Perkins and Dr. Bill the local beer aficionado’s. We started the day with a true original, Lost Abbey’s Isabella Proximus. From my understanding five brewers put their melons together to create this heavenly liquid, and delicious it is. I also spoke with Patrick Rue of The Bruery about his Saison aptly named Saison Rue. A Saison is Belgian style ale with a distinctive flavor that must be experienced to be known. No ale fest would be complete without food and there was no lack of that. Pizza from Pizza Port (it rocks) and grilled sausages that could quell any appetite. All in all a good day was had by the entire mutineer team and except for a slight communication error resulting in Alan being left at the beach we returned to Mutineer HQ unscathed.


  1. Jerry Lee | Tuesday, June 24, 2008

    This event had to be up there with meeting Genghis Khan! PP attracts people for one simple reason…they know beer. Now I’m sorry to say I had to miss this event because the cask ales are at the top of my list.

    Yea, you might ask, “what does someone know about cask ales that only drank Buzz light before?”. The answer to that lies in an English pub in Sommerset getting pissed on 6X pints for the first time loving the lack of carbination. And, attending the 2008 Belgian Beer Party at PP and discovering gems like De Graal Triple, Dupont Saison, Rodenbach Grand Cru, and Thiriez Amber Farmhouse Ale is an eye-opening, taste bud stimulating experience for novice or expert alike.

    Mutineer has been largly responsible for my awakening and I love ya for it! CHEERS!

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